now we fight

Our friend’s last and final appear was rejected before it was seen by the Minister of Evil Border Protection or whatever his job title is now.
The lawyer wrote:
‘I cannot see anything else that I can do to help him remain in Australia.
You will remember that from the first time that we spoke I explained that it was my opinion that a repeat appeal to the Minister was the only last, possible chance that I could see for him.
I am very sorry that I do not have better news for you.’
This joke of a “government’ deserves everything that is coming to it. If you are okay with condemning an innocent man to a lifetime in detention simply because the powers that be cannot concede on its nauseating, never ending, xenophobia, on it’s policy of keeping everyone out and the principle of only favouring rich white men, then go on and live your life unencumbered.
Everyone else can fucking fight with us as we take these bastards down.

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