Word Murderer

I used to have a political blog that attracted some really nasty right wing commentators. One man was particularly relentless, going so far as to write long ranting posts about me, this young teenager he had never met. It was pretty distressing. I wrote a rebuttal to him. It was very popular. I was fairly harsh.About 2 weeks later, I found out this blogger had died. Turns out he was about 90 years old.

I stopped political blogging after I realised I had the power to kill people.

This blog literally had the word ‘murder’ in its title.


This comment particularly stuck with me over the years when contemplating the power of the karmic universe:

September 5th 2007 @ 01:16.****** Says:

Perhaps if you went back to school and learned to do something other than chew gum and file your nails, you may actually end up knowing what the Canadian flag actually looks like…

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