love in the time of the goat pig after life

The best life advice from my BFF, sister and cousin, Melissa

‘Ree, just remember that Aunty Antoinette was once a goat that was rescued by farmer Uncle Tony, rofl. I don’t know how that’s meant to help, besides providing comic relief, but just don’t give up on finding the merciful human to your rescued former pig life. If you were a pig in a past life, he probably fed you, treated you well, made sure you got lots of sun and good food, and then lovingly led you to the slaughter. Stuff that! None of us know who is in our future.’

(some background: our uncle was telling us recently how a Buddhist monk told him how his wife was a goat in another life that was rescued by this uncle, a human, because she was meant to be cooked, and now she is married to him because of that debt. Oh how we laughed!)

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