At Last…

At Last

‘At last the wonderful day came. It was the first of December, an enchanted date, for then the year turned on its axis and a shower of heat and light, and burning, burning blue fell upon Australia. Already the smell of the scorching hinterlands was stealing upon the city; the odour of river-beds appearing through brackish dwindling water, and of soil dried into dust and whipped into whirlwinds that vanished like smoke. Dolour climbed out of bed at five in the morning, for she had slept lightly and excitedly, and through the sunlight the sun was already pouring in a flood of yellow. She rose on tiptoe and looked out through the window, and through the ragged fronds of the phoenix palm in the backyard she saw the stainless sky and the haze on the distant buildings. Like onion-shaped domes and slender spires they rose, an eastern city dreaming in the early morning’.

– The Harp In The South.

Sydney I love you.

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