On High Alert For Jabberwock Attacks

Patrick DoubleThreat Magee

If my life was a cartoon, my anxiety would be a jerkass monkey on my back, constantly telling me how terrible I am. I should point out that this monkey has somehow developed the ability to communicate with humans and wears some kind of evil fez and oh no wait I’m totally thinking of Abu from Aladdin.


Let’s start again.

What Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean And Shivers A Lot?

Everybody suffers from anxiety at some point in their life. It’s an evolutionarily-based coping mechanism that allows us to imagine possible future threats, and then act to escape or resolve those threats. In small doses anxiety can be an incredibly efficient problem solver, which is why the world Rubik’s Cube championships are held over a pit of lava.

But when that anxiety never goes away, when it starts interfering with your everyday life? That’s an anxiety disorder, and…

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