The other day I saw a news headline about X amount of people dying in X foreign country and I felt nothing (was it Syria? I can’t remember). I saw it again today in another X foreign country and I still felt nothing (US bomb kills 30 people at an Afghan wedding, 175 children killed in US drone attacks, 50 killed in Iraq, probably).

I have seen that headline every other day for more than a decade. I say nothing because I feel nothing. I am numb to it from the ground up. All I feel is quiet guilt and if I say nothing, surely it will stop one day?

And then, something different. Today it happened in the specific part of the world where we’re supposed to feel something (they control the universe).

And yet. I feel nothing.

Because essentially it’s the same headline, telling us the same thing. Somewhere, somehow, a bomb went off and people died. These words have no power over me anymore.

And in the vein of the tradition of saying nothing when faced with daily human massacres, I continue it today by saying nothing again.

So here is my response of nothing.

And I will say no more than that.

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