the short history of my twitter handle

Twitter. How I love and loathe thee.

It all began in 2009, sitting on the floor of my friend’s Spanish share house in Salamanca. ‘Blah blah Twitter’

Me: ‘What’s a Twitter?’

Friend: ‘It’s this thing where you post updates in 140 characters, that are just status updates’

Me: ‘But Facebook has that’

Friend: ‘Yeah I guess’.

End scene.


Two years later, it’s the end of 2010 and I’m no closer to conquering or even understanding how Twitter works. At the time I was too busy trying to come up with an idea for my ‘Introduction to Novel Writing’ assignment. I had spent the 3 months prior to starting the course, trying to come up with an idea while I was living in Barcelona, but at this stage, I could barely communicate in anything that wasn’t Spanglish.

And then on the plane home, I had a dream about a girl named Fly and this morphed into my intro to novel writing assignment, and this assignment morphed into a personal (battle) project that I am yet to complete because it is too hard, so sue me.

So when I came to type in my Twitter handle, out came the words ‘Flyfromadream’. Because that’s where Fly came from.

I’ve had that ridiculously hard to explain name for two years now but I don’t have the time to dedicate to finishing the novel, so I’ve decided to change it. I feel that this change signifies that perhaps Fly is going to stay in my dreams. For now. And probably the next ten years.

I am now tinyfleu, whatever that is*.

The end.

(it’s actually tinyfleur which is Franglais for ‘tiny flower’…it doesn’t mean much but people call me tiny, this blog has tiny in it somewhere and perhaps my Instagram name is the same).

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