who run the world? (hint: not girls)

Who is really running America?

The president of the aforementioned country (and, let’s face it, the whole world), has voiced his support in favour of legalising same sex marriage, a motion that must be applauded, for this is most definitely a human rights issue. Ironically though, if anyone has (or should have) the power to make that happen, wouldn’t it be him?

So why all this dancing around the issue? What’s taking so long to make it happen? Why do the conservative people call all the shots when it comes to things that denigrate and deny people their basic human rights? How can the religious, right wing minority continue to enforce homophobic and archaic views with horrifying consequences, and everyone just takes it with a side serving of inaction and indifference? How is it just accepted that when the majority call out with their one inoffensive demand that we refrain from launching unjustified war, that they are ignored, their demands spat on, and then forced to sit through a decade of senseless war.

Is this not the year 2012? Do we not live in a so-called fair, democratic and modern society? Or should we all just resort to the stone throwing of the patriarchal, biblical world we take cue from?

This is a VERY good start from Obama and he should be applauded for this move (it does make me very emotional). But why has it taken so long and who is really calling all the shots? And if he loses the election, what good will it do to have a conservative, right wing homophobe at the helm?

Something is not right, has not been right for a long time.

And you should be angry about it, angry enough to do something, something that puts you on the right side of history.

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