fixing garden gnomes

While crashing a housemate dinner in Redfern, stories began to emerge about the crazy people who walk past the house and occasionally attempt to usurp past the front gate. Randoms come and go but none quite like the man who climbed over the gate one day for no other purpose than to repair a broken gnome in their front garden.

They called down to him from the balcony to get out, but he stayed, fixated on the task, nay mission at hand. He cooed ‘oh the little gnome is broken, oh no’ and proceeded to put the pieces of the garden gnome back together. That’s all he did. Then he left.

The housemates were impressed by the gesture claiming that ‘there are still some good people in the world’ and I agree. There are still some lone, crazy, mysterious gnome repairmen roaming the streets, helping our gnomes get their lives back together again.


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