ghostly love

Hey Love,

I thought I knew you.
my friend.
I could love you

Believed you could love me

like lovers.

But Abandonment
Left me

with Loneliness.

You disappeared

into an abyss of drunken tears

Heard you smiled
as you whispered in my ear,
‘I’m a ghost’
I kept going back
to your evaporated image.
Always wanted to touch

Your reflection.

Created you in my head


One day

I met you in the flesh,

Didn’t recognise you,

but felt you,

loved you

all at once.

In wide, round, open eyes;

they stared at me strongly,

through me,

Saw you,

in his deep, dark, delicate soul,

you hid for so long.

Waiting for me.

I said to you,
Hey Love,
hey stranger,
where’ve you been
all my life?

Waiting for you, he said.

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